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Complete your application online in minutes.

The Town of Quispamsis requires all permit applications to be completed using our Online Application Portal. The Town is moving toward a fully digital platform for permit applications. This is the first step in that process. Our goal is to make the process more efficient for everyone.

Applicants must have all the required information and documentation before completing an online permit application. Submitting all the required information will help limit delays in processing the application. That means Town of Quispamsis staff can approve your project faster and you can start building more quickly!

You can fill out your application by computer, tablet or cell phone. For your convenience, we have a computer kiosk with access to the Online Application Portal at Quispamsis Town Hall.

If you experience difficulties with the online portal, or have any questions before you build, please contact Planning and Development Services.

How to Complete a Permit Application

Permit Types

An Accessory Building Permit is required for the development of a detached subordinate building, not used for human habitation, located on the same lot as the main building, structure or use to which it is accessory, and is complementary to the main use of the land, building or structure, but which may not contain sanitary, cooking, eating, living or sleeping facilities.


A Deck Development Permit is required for the construction of a flat surface capable of supporting weight, similar to a floor, but typically constructed outdoors, often elevated from the ground, and usually connected to a building. A deck can be attached or detached from the main dwelling, Please Note: if access to a main building is achieved by way of a deck, the deck is then considered to be an attached deck by the Planning and Building Departments.

A Demolition Development Permit is required for the dismantling, razing, destroying, or wrecking any building or structure or any part thereof within the municipal boundary. It is important to apply for a demolition permit to ensure that provincial property taxes reflect the improvements that are contained within a lot.



A Driveway Development Permit is required for the introduction of a second access to a residential lot. Please Note: Zoning By-law No.038 provisions require a lot frontage greater than 30-metres for a second driveway.


A Fence Development Permit is necessary for the erection of any barrier, railing, or other upright structure, typically of wood or wire, affixed to the ground and used to enclose an area, mark a boundary, control access, or prevent escape. Invisible or buried wire fencing intended to contain animals are considered fences and do require a Fence Permit.

A Detached Garage Development Permit is required for the erection of an accessory structure used for vehicle storage and must be located behind the front line of the dwelling unit and be setback at least three (3) metres from the residential dwelling on the lot, and cannot be used for human habitation.



A Swimming Pool Development Permit is required for any tank or other structure used for the purposes of swimming, diving, wading, or soaking with a surface area of at least nine (9) square metres and a depth of at least sixty-one (61) centimetres. All Swimming pools MUST be enclosed by a pool or yard fence.

A Non-Residential Development Permit is required for the development or use of any Commercial, Institutional, or Industrial lot with a use, structure, or building.



A New Residential Development Permit is required for the development or construction of any dwelling unit for human habitation within the municipal boundary of Quispamsis.

When applying for a New Residential Permit, please include the following:

  • Specifications and legible scale drawings of the building or structure, to which the proposed work is to be carried out and any engineering detail drawings such as floor system or roof system
  • A Site Plan as per the Schedule B - Sample Building Permit Site Plan and Preparation Guidelines
  • Window and door quote sheet
  • HRV make and model
  • Heating and cooling equipment make and model
  • Hot water heater make and model

For manufactured homes, all construction must conform with CSA Standards for manufactured and modular homes (CSA Z240 and A277).


A Retaining Wall Development Permit is required for any independent wall or wall like structure that is in excess of one (1) metre in total height, including the portion of wall found below the surface, and being erected to hold back earth or water on a lot.


A Development Sign Permit is required for any permanent sign, that is anchored to a footing extending below the surface or is affixed to or painted on a building or structure, that cannot be easily relocated or removed. Normal sign maintenance does not require a sign permit, however any change to any dimensions of a sign or a change to a sign face may require additional permitting by the Town. 

A Temporary Sign Development Permit is required for signs advertising community events, they are permitted for a period of time not exceeding thirty (30) days, and may be erected in the Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Zones, with written permission provided to the Town from the landowner(s).

Site Work Development Permit is required for the grubbing, clearing, or preparation of a lot for development and is usually associated with the preparation of a subdivision for development.



A Sewer Permit is required for any building connecting to the Municipal Sewerage Services, as outlined in the Sewerage By-law No.005.

Sewer Connection Permit
Residential Zone $750
All other Zones $1,500

A Water Permit is required for any building connecting to the Municipal Water Service, as outline in the Water Utility By-law No.024.

Water Meter Connection Permit
Residential Zone $750 (non-refundable)
All other Zones $1,500 (non-refundable)


Building and Development Applications

You require the following in your application:
  • Property Address
  • Property Identification Number (PID Number)
  • Property Description
  • Contractor Contact Information
  • Applicant Contact Information
  • Active Email Address
  • Property Owner Letter of Consent
  • Property measurements (area, frontage, width, proximity from project to property lines)
  • Approval for work near or within easements (example: NB Power)
  • Septic Approval from Province (for homes not on municipal sewerage system)
  • WAWA (Watercourse and Wetland Alteration) Permit for property that is on waterfront or watercourse within Site plan
  • Site Plan
  • Zoning


Find fee schedules, Letters of Assurance and Bond Refund/Tranfer Request forms on our Permit Fees and Forms page.

The Local Improvement Program offers you the chance to have Council consider upgrades to your street, sidewalk, curb, storm sewer and more through a cost-sharing agreement.


A Rezoning Application initiates a process that includes, but is not limited to, consultation with Town staff, feedback and recommendations from the Planning Advisory Committee, public hearings and a decision of Quispamsis Town Council.



Property owners who wish to create new boundaries or alter existing boundaries need to complete a Subdivision Application through the Town of Quispamsis.


If you have an addition or renovation planned for your property that does not meet the requirements of the Town of Quispamsis Zoning By-Law, you may apply  to the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) for a variance.


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