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Wildlife Concerns

The removal of nuisance animals such as raccoons, skunks and rats in the Town of Quispamsis is solely the responsibility of the homeowner.

The Town of Quispamsis is responsible for removing dead animals from within the town’s right-of-way up to the size of a porcupine.

Deer, Moose, Bear

When encountering an issue with deer, moose or bears – live or dead – on your property, you should contact the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development (DNRED).

The New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Insfrastructure handles the removal of smaller nuisance animals on provincially-designated roadways, such as Highway 1 and the Gondola Point Arterial Route 119.

Do not feed animals

Bird feeders, outdoor pet dishes and garbage can attract unwanted animals to your property.

  • Keep pet food dishes indoors.
  • Avoid putting out birdseed, grain, nuts and other types of food.
  • Ensure your garbage is stored in a sealed container and avoid leaving garbage bags outdoors in the elements.
  • Be sure to clean outdoor eating areas like patios, picnic tables and barbeques after use.

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