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Streets and Transportation

Public transit, snow removal, potholes and more.

Keeping you on the road. The Town of Quispamsis has about 200 kilometres of roadways that are maintained year-round. Our staff work diligently to identify repairs and maintenance needs for road surfaces, sidewalks, ditches, storm sewers, signage and more.

If you see a problem, report it to us through the Q-1-1 Reporter. This system submits necessary information to the correct departments to ensure a timely response.

Potholes and Street Maintenance

Crews fill dozens of potholes around our community every year, especially during the freeze and thaw weather cycle in late winter and early spring.

We also deal with drainage and flooding issues, culvert repairs and replacements, and many other street-related issues.

Report potholes or anything else that needs attention through the Q-1-1 Reporter.

Traffic Calming

In an effort to resolve traffic concerns raised by residents – including speeding, traffic short-cutting, pedestrian and cyclist safety, and more – Town staff looks to work in a consultative manner with area residents to help identify neighbourhood traffic problems and implement solutions that are both acceptable and appropriate for the residential street network.

Consult our Traffic Calming Policy for information on the process for implementing a neighbourhood traffic management plan.


You can report a burned-out streetlight using the Q-1-1 Reporter or by contacting NB Power.

You may also be considered for a streetlight in your neighbourhood by submitting a request, in writing, to the Mayor and Council.

The request will be evaluated based on criteria, including intersections, vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and security concerns.

Winter Road Maintenance

Snow removal crews prioritize arterials, collectors and main roads when operating during a winter storm.

Secondary streets and subdivisions are cleared according to snow removal routes preassigned to plow operators.

To ensure timely and efficient snow removal, parking is prohibited on Town streets between 12 a.m. and 7 a.m. Vehicles impeding snow removal may be towed away at the owner’s expense.

We provide residents with traction sand for walkways and driveways. It’s located between the Works Centre and Fire Station #2 on Municipal Drive.

  • Bring your own storage container.
  • This sand is for personal use and is not to be used by commercial operators.
  • The sand may contain salt, which can damage grass, concrete or asphalt if applied heavily.

While it may be tempting for children to play or build snow forts close to the street, this is dangerous.

It can be difficult for snow plow operators to see these structures or any children playing in them. Each year, young people across Canada are hurt or fatally injured playing in these snow structures.

If you use reflective driveway markers, place them back several feet from the roadway to ensure plows can clear away snow safely and effectively.

  • Markers placed close to the street may become dislodged or damaged, or even damage Town equipment.
  • They can also become projectiles with the potential to injure people and pets who may be near by.
  • We are not responsible for lost or damaged markers.

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