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The Town of Quispamsis maintains its own water system for a growing number of residents in the community.

Our Utilities staff are trained to operate and service the system while adhering to Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines and provincial regulations.

Many residents use private wells to supply their water. These are the responsibility of the building owner. The Town does not operate or maintain well water systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

This work requires a Development and Building Permit through our Online Permit Portal.

Requirements for each are noted and updated in the permit application.

Get more information and apply for a permit here.

You should report a problem using the Q-1-1 Reporter system to generate a service request with Utilities staff.

You can also call the Town of Quispamsis at (506) 849-5778 to arrange service.

If you are performing excavation that will come within 1 metre or will disturb the curb stop, you must notify the Town so that any precautions or additional requirements can by addressed.

If you see one of the following objects on your property or around Quispamsis you are seeing:

Water consumption is unique to each household and variations in water bills from other households is not unexpected.

If your water bill seems abnormally high or has recently increased unexpectedly there are some things you can check:

  • Check faucets and hose bibs for leaks.
  • Check your toilets. If your toilet runs constantly or you can intermittently hear it refilling, there may be a leaking flapper valve.
  • If you have an under-sink reverse osmosis treatment unit, check the filter wastewater flow rate to make sure it is not using more water than expected.

A surprisingly high amount of water can be wasted over time even with small leaks.

If living in a rental property, call your landlord.

If your home is on a well, first check whether you have a power outage.

If you have a power outage, you will need to call NB Power and power will need to be restored before you will regain water pressure.

If you still have power, check to see if the breaker to your well has tripped.

If not, investigate the problem further or consider calling a plumber.

The Town of Quispamsis does not own, manage or service any residential or private commercial well systems.

If you are on Town-supplied drinking water, and if it is safe to do so, see if your neighbours still have water.

If they do then the problem is likely isolated to your home, consider calling a plumber.

If your neighbours have also lost their water pressure or you are unable to check around with your neighbours, please use the Q-1-1 Reporter system to report a problem directly to Utilities staff.

You can also call the Town at (506) 849-5778.


If you have a water meter in your home (located near where your water comes into your house through the foundation), or if there are fire hydrants on your street or a curb stop valve in your lawn, these are indications that you are probably on Town supplied water.

If you have a pump in your house that turns on when intermittently when you use water, this is an indication that you are on a well system.

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