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The Town of Quispamsis owns and operates a small wastewater collection and treatment system on Leeswood Drive called “Wildwood” that serves the surrounding neighbourhoods in the Forrester’s Cove/Meanan’s Cove Beach area.

The system is a wastewater treatment wetland which has been engineered to include natural treatment components (the plants growing throughout the pond). It is powered, in part, by a Solar Farm Pilot Project as a way to offset energy demand.

Each home that is connected to the Wildwood system is served by a buried sewage pump located on the home’s property.

There are various other homes throughout the Town of Quispamsis that are also served by Town owned buried sewage pumps.

The Town is responsible for maintaining and servicing Town-owned buried sewage pumps.

Help prevent sewer backups in your home.

In the event of a sewer main blockage, a backwater valve is designed to keep sewerage water out of your basement.

The valve should be installed on the building drain just inside the foundation wall, under an access panel in the basement floor. The valve must be accessible even if the building drain goes through the wall.

All new homes in Quispamsis are required, under Sewerage Utility By-Law No. 005, to have a backwater valve installed on the building drain inside the foundation wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

This work requires a Development and Building Permit through our Online Permit Portal.

Requirements for each are noted and updated in the permit application.

Get more information and apply for a permit here.

Use our Q-1-1 Reporter system to report a problem directly to our Utilities staff.

You can also call (506) 849-5778 so a work crew can be dispatched to assess the issue.

No. This restriction is in place across most municipalities.

These types of connections are an issue across Canada and where present they pose a risk to the home/building as well as the Town’s treatment systems.

During heavy rain events your sewer drain may become clogged or overwhelmed, potentially causing the rainwater and sewage to backup and cause a flood.

As well, if you have a sump pump connected to your sewage drain and the drain becomes plugged, a flood can occur when the sump pump starts.

The additional flow from these connections can also contribute to overloading the wastewater treatment plant which may lower the ability of the facilities to treat the incoming water.


The only things that should be flushed down the toilet are human waste and toilet tissue.

Common household items like dental floss and cleaning wipes - even ones labelled "flushable" - should be disposed of with your garbage rather than flushing.

If you're unsure, contact the Town at (506) 849-5778.

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